G-SEEs & World-View Shifts
Minessence eZine #41 09 Aug, 2010

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Last month the Minessence eZine focused on the on how the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) impacted on the world-view of key players responsible for the global economic system. This month, the eZine looks at how the GFC has impacted on Australians. Looking at the two charts below, you would perhaps say the GFC has had little impact on us.

September 11 - Figure1

Figure 1 -- Changes the priority of values in the Self Preservation, Security, Family and Organizational clusters

September 11 - Figure 2

Figure 2 -- Changes in the priority of values in The Self Actualization, Emerging Order, Wisdom and Global Transformation clusters

Both Figures 1 & 2 show the dramatic change in collective world-views, and hence value priorities, which occurred after September 11, 2001. The value priority shifts set in motion by that global significant emotive event (G-SEE) continue despite the GFC which clearly has not been a G-SEE of the same magnitude as September 11. Perhaps the world-view shift brought about by September 11 placed us in a better space to deal with the impact of the GFC?

There seems to be one dimension where the GFC has impacted. Figure 1 hows that after September 11 we placed almost as much priority on family and friends as on our work. Since the start of the GFC in 2008, we are reducing our priority on family/friends and once again turning to the demands of the organization.

What are your thoughts?

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