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The AVI APP is an Expert System  designed to facilitate a process of action learning enabling individuals, couples, teams, organisations, etc. take an inventory of their values and be facilitated in self-discovery, learning & decision-making processes based on the report(s) provided. Because the AVI is expert system rather than an empirical psychometric test, the AVI APP should never be marketed, advertised or purported to be a "test". 

  • Validation is particularly important for empirical based questionnaires because one needs to prove that the test is reliably capable of measuring what one is saying it is measuring.
  • On the other hand, theory-based questionnaires/expert systems like the AVI APP, ask questions based on their underpinning Theoretical model—also, new and emerging patterns observed in people's responses are used by their R&D team, to update their theoretical models and the associated expert systems. [Hence the existence of our action research teams who engage in continual MVF Model R&D and MVF-Based APPs (e.g. the AVI APP & AVI Report APPs) R&D.]

Those Accredited to use the AVI APP with clients have a key role in facilitating clients directly or indirectly (e.g. via online learning) through a  to conscientization process  develop a critical awareness of their worldviews and values via reflection and action which is essential to realising the full potential of the AVI and other associated MVF-APPs.

You are welcome to...

  • Become accredited so you can use the AVI to conduct values audits of your organisation, undertake values-based team building, enhance your mentoring/coaching skills, etc.
  • Download our brochure.
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