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IssueDateMain Topic 
6017 Aug, 2016Empathy: The Preeminent Value--Updated August 2016View
5901 Apr, 2015Financial Security Makes it to the TopView
5804 Jan, 2015What if the Economy was Designed to Produce Better Rather than More?View
5729 Dec, 2014Setting Meaningful ObjectivesView
5624 Dec, 2014Values Alignment MattersView
5502 Aug, 2014True Dialogue--The Only True Path to PeaceView
5401 May, 2014When Your Worldview Changes, Your Priority Values ChangeView
5327 Apr, 2014Leadership in the 21st centuryView
5222 Oct, 2013Valuing support: culture and practice in a person-centred organisationView
5113 Dec, 2012Jonathan Haidt on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives View
5020 Nov, 2012Transformative LeadershipView
4909 Nov, 2011The Entropy ParadoxView
4819 Oct, 2011Have you discussed your principles lately?View
4722 Sep, 2011Culture Matters MostView
4615 Feb, 2011Don't Do Don'ts--Do Do DosView
4524 Dec, 2010The Top Priority Values in Each of the Eight Clusters of ValuesView
4401 Nov, 2010By the time you are old enough to vote, your brain will have decided for whom you should vote!View
4315 Oct, 2010Only Things Which Have Irreversible Consequences Have MeaningView
4209 Sep, 2010Empathy: The Preeminent ValueView
4109 Aug, 2010G-SEEs & World-View ShiftsView

eZine #17 - 31 May, 2003 [PDF only]

  • Article: "Complexity & Life"
  • IMCA News
  • About the Minessence Group 
  • Principles to Live by: "Attitude"
  • Visionary Leadership Program - June 19.20 & July 24/25, 2003

eZine #16 - 10 February, 2003 - [PDF only]

  • New look
  • IMCA
  • Values Successes in NZ
  • Brisbane AVI Accreditation
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